• 23/06/2024

Mentoring Program

What is Mentoring?

We all have a need for insight that is outside of our normal life and educational experience. The power of mentoring is that it creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement, and problem solving.

Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else.

The Program

Accredited Broker offers you the the opportunity to reap all the benefits of being a Mentee:

  • Be a standout within your chosen field
  • Showcase industry Knowledge and Leadership
  • Work Smarted, not harder

Mentees gain invaluable insights beyond their own education and experience. Give yourself the edge with the support and guidance of a mentor. Whether you are looking for business advice or simply and experience sounding board, a mentor can inspire and guide you.

Mentoring programs are designed primarily for the benefits of mentees. You are encouraged to begin the relationship with specific goals and expectations- which are typically met by a structured and well designed program. Your benefits may extend far beyond what you planned , and may include:

  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your career development
  • An insider perspective on navigating entrance into the industry
  • Clearer understanding and enhancement of career/ business plans
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Direct access to powerful resources within the industry
  • Identification of Skill gaps
  • Greater knowledge of Career success factors
  • The foundation of a lasting professional network

Types of Mentoring

When most people think of mentoring they generally describe an informal mentoring relationship: a spontaneous, casual relationship where a senior person takes a junior person “under his or her wing” and provides long-term guidance and counsel. Yet many people who want mentors do not have access to this type of personal relationship with and existing Mortgage broker. The desire to give everyone access to mentoring in conjunction with the MFAA and ASIC regulatory requirement for new entrants to engage in some form of mentoring program has led Accredited Broker to start a “formal” or structured mentoring program.

This structured mentoring program is designed to create a culture where people can proactively support the development of one another. In this program, mentees are match with industry veterans to support growth of industry knowledge, accuracy in deal submission, increases in client retention/satisfaction and ultimately business success independent of the mentoring relationship.

Delivery of Mentoring

Mentoring can either be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in teams, each style is different and effective in different circumstances.

One-on-one Mentoring is a service only offered to certain applicants. The success of personal mentoring is highly reliant on the relationship between the mentor and mentee. The program comes with a genuine 100%, money back guarantee of results to align the mentors goals with that of the mentee. Potential mentees are required to complete a “Coaching Questionnaire” and then meet for a 1 hour complimentary consultation to determine the potential for success.

The Accredited Mortgage Broker Mentoring program, on the other hand, is delivered in teams consisting of peers with different backgrounds and skills interacting and learning from each other, matched with a more experienced senior broker to help direct growth. Our experience has shown that mentoring teams are effective since they are based on the concept of mutual benefit; participants receive support and advice as they provide support and advice for others especially for new entrants to a particular industry. The program is designed to meet the specifications set our as requirements by the MFAA and ASIC.

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