• 14/06/2024

3 Clever Mortgage Marketing Tips to Boost Business


In today’s digital world of mortgage marketing, Loan Officers are constantly bombarded with terms like social media, SEO, email campaigns, PPC, etc… These are all important parts of an excellent mortgage marketing strategy, but many Loan Officers don’t have the time or the technical know-how in order to effectively incorporate them.

Oftentimes, many Loan Officers overlook a few simple (yet clever!) things they can add to their marketing arsenal that don’t require additional technical know-how.

1) Brag about your success TO your clients!
No, we aren’t advocating arrogance. Instead we mean that if you worked hard to accomplish something, tell your client about it. Take the following 2 phone calls into consideration:

Loan Officer #1: “Hi Mr. Jones, congratulations your loan was approved today!

Loan Officer #2: “Hi Mr. Jones, I was crossing my fingers, and that collection on your credit report made it real close, but I fought hard for you and got the lender to approve your loan!

Now as a client, you’d likely simply be happy to hear that your loan was approved, but which of the above Loan Officers sounds like the more valuable mortgage professional / expert? Loan Officer #2 “bragged” about his hard work and showed his client that he would stop at nothing to get the job done.

2) Change the way your assistant handles incoming phone calls.
If you have an assistant that answers your office phone, have them use a line like, “He/She is working with a client right now, let me check if he/she can take a call.”

If your caller is a current or potential client, this will make you seem like your services are in high demand, thus reinforcing their decision to call on you in the first place.

3) Use engaging headlines on all print / online advertising
Simply put, headlines grab attention. Make your online and offline (print) advertising more effective by having a headline on all of your letters, greeting cards, ads, website pages, blog articles… everything.

Don’t just slap on any old generic headline though. Headlines are what tell the reader what benefits they will get from reading more.

Some examples include:

  • “3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit”
  • “Buying a House? Read This First…”
  • “4 Common Mistakes Buyers Make When Getting a Loan”

Each example is short, to the point, and conveys exactly what the viewer will get if they continue reading.

While each of the above examples may not seem very important, they are a few simple things you can implement today in order to boost your mortgage marketing strategy and increase business.

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