• 29/02/2024

Social Media: The Power of Why?

There is plenty of buzz in the market about social media and its potential for business. We are told to “connect with our clients” or to “engage with them”, but how and to what purpose?

From the small business owners I have spoken to a large majority are more confused and some a fair way poorer after dipping their toe into the social media market.

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspiring a business relationship all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”

The above video outlines a few really salient points.  The power of using social media is that it is a platform for you to outline “WHY” you do what you do. If you don’t know the “Why” of your business then it may be time to sit down and figure it out.

The use of social media is all about being authentic. You wouldn’t approach a close friend and ask them “What can I do to make you like me more?”, you wouldn’t ask “how should I address you?” or “how should I dress so we can be better friends?” and yet it seems that businesses are doing this every day. By the same token it would be ludicrous for me to try to pay someone to have my evening conversation with my wife, yet some business think that they can outsource (and plenty of providers will try and sell you) a complete  social media solution.

I’m not saying don’t utilise the technology that is available, there are plenty of great mediums available to connect with your prospective clients. I’m not saying don’t get help in setting up and managing your social media conversations. The challenge that most will face is that they simply don’t know what to write. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to be “Authentic”, but the good news is that you are already have years of experience speaking as yourself making you by far the most qualified person for the job. Make a start by considering WHY you do what you do, if you can’t think of and answer, or you don’t think that your reasons are really good enough maybe its time for a career change.


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