• 23/06/2024

Social Media is dead. Long live Social Media

It’s not about big dreams and even bigger budgets. It’s about small actions and regular contact.

As you know, in just the last couple of years, marketing has changed. The old ways – direct- and push-marketing – don’t work anymore. In fact, they work so poorly now that revenue is way down in many businesses that relied on old marketing methods.

That’s because business owners failed to understand that marketing isn’t about transactional sales. It’s about relationships.

To build a relationship today, you can’t rely on gimmicks and some marketing guru. You have to be a real leader.

Used to be a direct correlation between advertising budget and market share. The one with the biggest budget got the biggest share. But that’s not the way it works anymore. The tightening of budgets and the abundance of affordable online communication opportunities have resulted in a much more level playing field. Which means you can no longer separate yourself by promotion alone. You have to attract instead. You have to position yourself so your prospects will pull you closer when they have a need you can fulfill.

It’s not just about expertise. It’s about being the Authority.

You hear speak all the time about how to set yourself apart in today’s information world. Consumers are overloaded by the loud messages bombarding them all day. And yet, everyone still tries to be heard above the constant din. No matter what the line of work. That means that if you own a business —or if you want to own a business — you’re in the marketing business, whether you want to be or not.

How do you get people to pay attention to you amid all the extraneous noise? How do you attract business when everyone else is screaming for it? Simple: Become the authority. Become the person who is respected and trusted. The one that people turn to when they need an answer. The one who’s believed to be the best in your field.

I’m going to be putting on a webinar this next month and have enlisted the help of one of my friend, Venn Williams who is a successful financial planner and distributes the SAVVY Investor newsletter and has written the Australian focused “Rocket Your Way to Financial Independence”. Venn is passionate about helping financial planners and mortgage brokers reconnect with their clients and become the financial authority in their lives through a set of simple, regular tasks that are made even easier through the use of interactive media.

Be sure to check out the details. I hope you choose to get involved.

Learn more about this enlightening event.


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