• 29/10/2020

Category: Regulatory Changes

Government to provide more funds for prosecuting bank crime

Michelle Grattan| The Conversation| 16 November 2018 The government has announced an extra $51.5 million to boost resources for the prosecution of criminal misconduct by banks and other financial institutions and the processing of civil…

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We’ll wait an eternity for the banks to fix themselves. Here’s what we can do now

Paul Johnson| The Conversation| 27 November 2018 Asked at the banking royal commission how long it might take to embed the right culture in the National Australia Bank, its chairman Ken Henry replied: ten years.…

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Furphies and Shockers from the Royal Commission

The banking Royal Commission has unearthed some horror stories and some furphies. Last month, CBA revealed to the Commission that there are now 1300 brokers earning more than $1 million a year, and the top…

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Open banking: Refinance in 15 minutes

Rebecca Pike| Australian Broker| 18 October 2018 https://www.brokernews.com.au/news/breaking-news/open-banking-refinance-in-15-minutes-256287.aspx Open banking could see borrowers refinancing their home loans in 15 minutes, according to one panellist at a recent fintech summit. The event, held in Sydney on…

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Broker role vital in CCR landscape

Rebecca Pike| Accredited Broker| 24 October 2018 https://www.brokernews.com.au/news/breaking-news/broker-role-vital-in-ccr-landscape-256510.aspx It has been nearly a month since the deadline for the major banks to share 50% of their credit information as part of the rollout of comprehensive…

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Brokers should ready their business for CCR

Peter Beaumont| The Adviser| 25 September 2018 https://www.theadviser.com.au/blogs/38294-brokers-should-ready-their-business-for-ccr Brokers are being urged to review important business processes ahead of a new credit reporting framework coming into effect later this week. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) begins…

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Introducing CCR: Lending Behaviour

Rebecca Pike| Australian Broker| 20 August 2018 https://www.brokernews.com.au/news/breaking-news/introducing-ccr-lending-behaviour-253836.aspx The head of a credit reporting facility has said brokers will need to be aware of lenders’ new risk appetite, including risk-based pricing, after comprehensive credit reporting…

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