• 17/01/2022

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Accredited Broker

How property investors can cash in on the first-time home buyer surge

Richard Wakelin| Australian Financial Review| 21 August 2018 https://www.afr.com/personal-finance/how-property-investors-can-cash-in-on-the-firsttime-home-buyer-surge-20180820-h147ii Simplicity is often the hallmark of successful investors. They take an approach to asset selection that, in hindsight, can seem obvious and unremarkable. But they of…

ANZ slashes variable home rates by 34 basis points in new move to boost buyers

Duncan Hughes| Australian Financial Review| 2 August 2018 https://www.afr.com/business/banking-and-finance/financial-services/anz-slashes-variable-home-rates-by-34-basis-points-in-new-move-to-boost-buyers-20180802-h13gfx ANZ, the nation’s third largest lender, has slashed variable rates on its “no frills” home loan by 34 basis points to 3.65 per cent in the…

The Price is Always Right

Remember the days when borrowers were eagle-eyed to rate changes on the first Tuesday of the month?  Now, the interest rate world is very different. Two years ago, whenever the Reserve Bank met and changed…

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